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Challenge #04125-K107: Consequences of Ignorance

A notice is put out just outside of, and within all zoos and other animal exhibits in the greater Galactic Alliance.

"Notice to all visitors. There are safety and security barriers for a reason. Any individual, or group of individuals, attempting to bypass these barriers to interact with animals not marked safe for interaction, will be charged Time for the resultant medical intervention. These individuals will also be required to serve one standard Year of Community Service, and undergo rehabilitation along with reading and comprehension testing."

Needless to say, dereggers everywhere were aghast and screamed about discrimination, despite it being pointed out, the warning was for all visitors.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03959-j307-habeas-testiculos -- Anon Guest

The notice was underneath a larger sign that said, Conditions of Entry in large, friendly letters. There was an attendant nearby in case of sudden onset illiteracy.

Before anyone could enter, they had to read the words out loud and state their understanding on record before entering.

If they refused, they would be politely turned away from entering. If they refused to be politely turned away, then Security would arrive to insist they turn away.

"This is fascism," cried every single Deregger, who should definitely have experience with what it looked like. "I know my rights! I paid to see these critters and I demand to see the manager! This is fraud! This is theft! I'll sue!"

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Challenge #03483-I195: Don't Touch or Else

A very arrogant soldier in town shoves past Wraithvine and friends to scream at a person who was carefully packing some exotic pets into their carry cages to take them to the next town. Wraithvine warns the guard "Do NOT touch the animals!" The guard ends up with Wraithvine trying to save what's left of a badly poisoned hand. -- Anon Guest

It happened so fast. From, "Oi! Do you have a license to be doing that?" through, "Don't touch those!" to,

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Challenge #03102-H194: If Knowledge is Power...

war, war never changes. But men do, through the roads they walk. -- Anon Guest

"Humans are trained to combat from an early age. It is considered a rite of passage that adults 'attack' their young as part of play activities. See file, Household Nerf Wars." Educator Mil read to the class. "This is an older entry on the infonets regarding Humans and Human development. My question to you is, how accurate or inaccurate is it, where is it inaccurate, and why

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Challenge #02802-G245: The Difficult Choice

Sometimes the deadliest part of a viral infection is not the virus itself, but the immune reaction to the virus. So what happens if an apocalyptic mad-scientist type unleashes a viral pandemic that will cause every deathworlder species he could get his hands on to die because their own immune systems will basically liquefy their lungs, gills, or other oxygen-extracting apparatus, but forgets to take into account that a virus that uses strong immune systems to attack will completely bypass higher-level havenworlders?

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Challenge #02663-G106: All Signs Point to...

"OK. This place is disgusting. I don't think there is enough bleach on the planet to make it safe..."

"I found this stuff! It was in the cleaning section, and while I can't read anything on it it has a 5 page booklet of what I think are warnings... At least all the skull and crossbones and hazard signs look like warnings."

"Grab three. Anything with that many warnings has to be good." -- SilverRey

There are reasons why some hulks are

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