Challenge #02663-G106: All Signs Point to...

"OK. This place is disgusting. I don't think there is enough bleach on the planet to make it safe..."

"I found this stuff! It was in the cleaning section, and while I can't read anything on it it has a 5 page booklet of what I think are warnings... At least all the skull and crossbones and hazard signs look like warnings."

"Grab three. Anything with that many warnings has to be good." -- SilverRey

There are reasons why some hulks are classified unsalvageable. Some few are even marked hazardous to scavengers. Of course, once in a while, some Humans think that they have a good plan for skating past these laws[1]. They subsequently took it on themselves to salvage a designated hazardous vessel for profit.

Many of them are completely unfamiliar with GalStand, neither simple nor elaborate. They were, relatively speaking, barbarians. More accurately, they were under-educated, somewhat desperate, and ingenious enough to get themselves into terribly enormous amounts of trouble[2]. Two such Humans on one such enterprise have just entered their target vessel and realised that they may have made a mistake.

"What a wonderful new smell you've discovered, Princess," snarked the first.

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