Well, shit...

So I made my first loaves with bread mix, and Beloved decried that bread mix just makes bad loaves forever.

I'm still learning random BS here. Nevertheless, I am attempting to create loaves only with the wholemeal starter until such time as I can actually get my hands on proper bread flour instead of bread mix.

I'm going to have to get into the shops HELLA early to get my mitts on that. Gotta get me some heist music to organise that nonsense.

In the news, the police raided the Ruby Princess in full-body PPE to get proof of any shenanigans going on in the ship. A ship which is still under investigation, with crewmembers un-interviewed. It's now got a rep as a plague boat and I think cruises are going to get a meteor-like plummet in business.

The Muppet has called for people to use disinfectants intravenously and UV light "inside the body" thus displaying his complete ignorance of anything scientific or medical. His backpedalling this time includes the claim that he was being sarcastic just as his crowd of ramora-like followers were hooting that he hadn't actually said those words or meant those words to come out like that.

The nation is counting down to relaxing measures against the plague. This week begins T-3 weeks, commencing Monday. People are complaining about not being able to visit their families and that sort of thing. Making people happy is not going to keep them happy because the plague will have another outbreak when these restrictions relax.

We need an absence of plague in this country before we can relax travel and visiting restrictions within the nation. What happens with people coming in from outside is a completely different bag of misery.

I have decided that - if I can't lay my hands on a proper bread flour, I'm going to grab some regular plain flour. Bread mix is apparently full of improvers and whatnot so my next important mish is attempting to lay my hands on the proper flour.

But first - I owe my foodie blog my sourdough adventures, and you a story.