Bread Day Again!

I have perfected some sourdough pancakes with olives and mushrooms. Chaos thinks it's tasty, so I'm taking that win.

I have my wholemeal loaves underway, and some regular flour ones still breeding their starter. It's literally going to take all day to make this bread, and by Monday, it'll probably be gone. My family loves my fresh homemade bread, no matter how flat it is.

I can see why everyone and their kid brothers' dog is making baked goods at home. It's immensely satisfying to make a loaf of bread from scratch and then subsequently watch the entire family love it into non-existence.

It's also intensely satisfying to me to finally be able to be doing that because apparently, I started on sourdoughs an entire fortnight before the panic purchasing of flour busted out. I have incredible timing.

It took an early morning start and my own fleet feet to actually get my hands on the Spelt flour I'm using today, and I only got that because it was "weird" flour.

I also have maybe a couple of loaves' worth of crusty white, but I'll keep that in reserve for actually making bread.

I'm still learning things, though.

Documented progress happening for later on in the foodie blog.

My time is divided between two different batches of bread, which will become four lovely loaves. Story will be slow. Blog will be slower.

I thank you in advance for your patience with me today. There will, eventually, be bread.