Baking is fun... when you can

Heist plans will be underway for early Tuesday-ish, when I shall journey out of my bubble in the earliest possible hours to lay my hands on some decent darn flour to try and get one of my starters onto proper bread flour and not a mix. I may have to go with plain flour with nothing in it if I can't find the good stuff.

I mostly failed at bread. Things have been improved by putting my doughs into bread pans for the final bake. I'll see how things go when everything's on the good stuff.

Meanwhile, just keeping them alive will do for the meanwhile. Sourdough is a learning process. It's not really about making good bread, it's the farting around in the middle that counts.

Getting one starter off of bread mix and onto non-adulterated flour is just going to be a part of that.

IDK whether to keep feeding the bread flour starter daily until I can no longer detect the mix or just plod along on the reg.

I shall ask my Beloved when they're awake.

In plague news, we're about to enter the third wave here in Aus. Caused by asymptomatic or otherwise infectious people moving around as travel restrictions lift. Tracking and tracing and masks and social distancing will remain the most important method of fighting this thing.

Australia has experience with remote schooling, though this is possibly the first time it's happened in urban areas. I'm willing for some weird "well actually" to spring up somewhere, but we've had radio schooling for kids in the back of beyond since ham radio was ever a thing.

Internet school just highlights how dang bad the much-touted and also much maligned NBN is since demand has rocketed into the stratosphere. Folks are going to want that fixed if these kinds of plagues are going to be part of our "new normal".

China has decided to revive the wet markets again, so now it's a waiting game for the next gorram plague. Rich people wanna eat exotic animals and don't give a shit about how this effects anyone else. Fuck them.

Meanwhile the reigning joke is how the Muppet advised folks to "stick a UV light up their ass and mainline bleach" - as the meme says. Not him. He just vaguely rambled about getting "strong light into the body" and "cleaning out" human insides with disinfectant. The moron.

The sun shall be coming up soon. I should probably attempt some fiction.