Challenge #03483-I195: Don't Touch or Else

A very arrogant soldier in town shoves past Wraithvine and friends to scream at a person who was carefully packing some exotic pets into their carry cages to take them to the next town. Wraithvine warns the guard "Do NOT touch the animals!" The guard ends up with Wraithvine trying to save what's left of a badly poisoned hand. -- Anon Guest

It happened so fast. From, "Oi! Do you have a license to be doing that?" through, "Don't touch those!" to, "Don't tell me what to do, I am an officer of the LAW." And then the officer who apparently knew everything clamped his hand around a bright yellow microdragon with brilliantly blue spots on its hide.

Microdragons have a stinger at the end of their tails, and the blue-spotted microdragon's venom is the most potent of them all.

Wraithvine had to act fast. The blue-spotted microdragon, now free to go where it whist, flew directly for its handler and hissed at the officer. The officer who was still falling over. With millennia of experience at hand, Wraithvine's components pouch was more of a components backpack. Ze had it off and was searching for the right parts of the right spell before the officer had time to bounce. The stung hand was already starting to dissolve.

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