Friday, Teh PLN

Miss Chaos comes home this afternoon. Which means we can perhaps get all the nonsense together for the NDIS sign on process. The longer we procrastinate, the worse it gets for her. Therefore we need to get a wriggle on.


Why is everything both needlessly complicated and also expensive? It's not fair.

Today, I do another chamber. After I sift through ten potential publishers and find the ones who may be amenable to my nonsense. I procrastinated out of doing it yesterday so now I'm making it part of my routine. Disheartening though it is to find two out of ten, it's still better than zero.

Getting problems out of the way has to be a nibble-to-death situation.

When all the things come at once, one dang thing at a time feels like an endless marathon. I want to rest, damnit.

I want to be rich enough to not have to worry about these things ;_; Sigh.

Onwards to story! Onwards to content! Onwards to teh PLN.