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Challenge #03752-J099: Will and Testimony

A traveling apothecary who is an immensely skilled herbalist, sees Wraithvine, his apprentice, Gikka, and their cat. Knowing Wraithvine's good deeds, they offer an entire medical kit to Wraithvine as a gift, no strings attached. -- Anon Guest

The cart was pretty big, and the instant that Dulienna Pestlegrind started unfolding it, anyone could see why. Most of it was cupboards and containers and a multitude of folders that, in turn, contained small amounts of very potent ingredients.

"I've made a lifetime occupation of researching cures and herbs, even poisons. Even they can save a life in correct doses," she kept unfolding her wagon. "Very correct doses, I might add. Ah!" Finally reaching a draw inside the nesting maze of cupboards and containers, the Apothecary Pestlegrind brought out a hefty tome almost as big as she was. "A life's work."

Wraithvine was shocked to have that work pressed into hir hands. "Me? But..." ze flailed for an excuse. "I'm a Wizard."

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Challenge #03181-H272: A Message in the Sands of Time

Log date (30/12/2142)

We are humanity, this may the last message you'll find. We are dying. It's been 7 months since the crimson star incident, a series of unfortunate events where several meteorological events wiping 70% of our technology across the solar system and a new pandemic killing four million in the first month. Thousand the months after. Those that survive are crippled, both mentally and physically. Thus we are initiating project Gemini. Humanity will split into two groups. The

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Challenge #02185-E356: On and On With the Show

So I saw Bohemian Rhapsody recently, and while I was SO ANGRY at their handling of queer issues and history in it that I was on the verge of walking out at one point, other parts moved me to tears and still others had me ready to punch the air and yell, "Hell Yeah!" (I didn't, I was in a film theatre - I have SOME manners, after all).

Because of this, I am having Queen and Freddie Mercury-related feels, and have

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