Challenge #02185-E356: On and On With the Show

So I saw Bohemian Rhapsody recently, and while I was SO ANGRY at their handling of queer issues and history in it that I was on the verge of walking out at one point, other parts moved me to tears and still others had me ready to punch the air and yell, "Hell Yeah!" (I didn't, I was in a film theatre - I have SOME manners, after all).

Because of this, I am having Queen and Freddie Mercury-related feels, and have decided the best way to deal with that is to send you a number of prompts related to their currently 43-year-old masterpiece, the song that gave the film the title. This is the first of them:

This post. Both the video, and pyrrhiccomedy's analysis/gushing.

Considering how much the whole band liked audience participation, and Freddie in particular loved it when the audience was with him, just imagine his reaction to this, if he could be on stage as the whole crowd sang this to him? -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: I haven't seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet and now I'm wondering if I should... Then again, it is in the nature of Hollywood to shy away from unpleasant topics that they really should handle with respect and understanding]

Some call it the Human Anthem. One song from their pre-Shattering history that survived all the upheavals that Humans could wreak upon themselves. Other parts of culture became lost, became corrupted, became derivative things but this... survived. Even on Brav'Nu, where every piece of information was a lifetime of labor or memorisation, where being a book is an occupation and a marker that the House is successful, it survived.

It flourished.

It produced variants, of course, but the original recording was cherished all the same. Before today, Rael hadn't thought that any one Human had written it, but there, on primitive vinyl analogue, was a copy of the first album it appeared in. A Night at the Opera, first published in 1975.

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