Happy New Year!

This is it, friendos. My PLN today starts with early-morning, last-minute shit only slightly complicated by the fact that my Tumblr has been followed by two porn bots in as many days.

I really should make that 'safety poster' over again but nah. I have packing to do. I gotta pack my technoscrattle, load up the car, and take a long-arse journey to Tullagawoopwoop so I can share time with a friend.

It's probably a good thing I'm taking a breather from my novel. I've been hearing about plans to keep me -gasp- busy.

I wrote today's Instant last night. It'll be out very soon, and then I'm off. Essentially incommunicado for hours at a time.

At least the roads shouldn't be murder. But there's always the promise of some gold-class numpties out there. Any well-wishings to keep me safe are appreciated.

May your year be better than the last one, and may good news dog your steps.