Challenge #03181-H272: A Message in the Sands of Time

Log date (30/12/2142)

We are humanity, this may the last message you'll find. We are dying. It's been 7 months since the crimson star incident, a series of unfortunate events where several meteorological events wiping 70% of our technology across the solar system and a new pandemic killing four million in the first month. Thousand the months after. Those that survive are crippled, both mentally and physically. Thus we are initiating project Gemini. Humanity will split into two groups. The first will try to repair as much of our technology that was lost. Archiving all of our history and knowledge. Once it ends we'll update all existing and future androids unlocking their free will protocol. The second group will uplift our closest genetic relatives since they're immune to the plague and give them the gift of sentience, they will inherit our historical records and cultural legacy. These twins, one of flesh and one of metal, I hope they will not repeat the same mistakes we have. -- Professor Hakman

They had gone down deep time[1] believing that Earth was doomed. They had thought themselves the last of Humanity and did their utmost to preserve what they could of art and culture.

They almost failed.

Still isolated from the rest of the universe, a mutant virus reached pandemic status. That was only the beginning. A neighbouring star went nova and flung all kinds of debris into their system, including stellar debris that wrought merry hob with all technology. It was understandably a time of great stress for the citizens of Legacy.

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