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Challenge #03982-J330: Fishing With the (ex) King

"Uncle Kosh, what is the Blood Throne?" Asked the small child sitting at his side as they quietly fished together. -- Anon Guest

Kosh looked twice at the little Hellkin 'nibling[1]' sharing the riverbank with him. He hadn't thought he was that far from Trispire and he certainly wasn't outside of what used to be his kingdom. Hells, since he retired to the title of Baronet of Arachis, he didn't need to wear any kind of insignia. He avoided it as much as he could. So it was no surprise that this tiny child had no idea who he was.

If he was honest with himself -and he was not a dishonest Teufel- he preferred anonymity. Nevertheless, the people should know how their home polity worked. "What do they teach you in school, little one?"

"I don't go to school yet, but I heard about the Blood Throne. It sounds yucky. And scary."

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Challenge #01765-D304: A Lesson in There

Her awareness, for what was but a span of seconds at most to the outside world, now went beyond the borders of space and time. In those moments, gazing at once upon all the possible outcomes of the human race, she came to the realization of mankind's lethal flaw:

Not violence or hate as one might expect, but the deeper instigators behind those - Envy, Pride, and, surprisingly, Impatience.

As advanced and progressive as the human mind was on an individual or

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