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Challenge #01765-D304: A Lesson in There

Her awareness, for what was but a span of seconds at most to the outside world, now went beyond the borders of space and time. In those moments, gazing at once upon all the possible outcomes of the human race, she came to the realization of mankind's lethal flaw:

Not violence or hate as one might expect, but the deeper instigators behind those - Envy, Pride, and, surprisingly, Impatience.

As advanced and progressive as the human mind was on an individual or even large-group level, when judged using a collective aggregate of its behavior as a species, it was essentially barely competent enough to handle simple tools or calculations. Why say this? Because most of humanity was incapable of completion of even mildly difficult tasks without repeatedly experiencing annoyed frustration or even irrational anger at what would be later recognized as nothing more than a simple error, minor delay, or temporary hindrance.

These recurrent vexations over the inability to progress as fast as they wanted, the resentment of those individuals who were able to progress faster than the rest, and the arrogance and sense of superiority that said individuals' pride too easily degraded into, was what lead to unhappiness and eventual demise of the human race... -- Anon Guest

It was too much truth. Too much. Aleka put the Cup of Knowledge down and tried to steady her breathing. (Sucking in air and filtering the oxygen molecules into smaller and smaller tunnels, until the pill-like haemoglobin in her blood could take them in, and keep her cells alive for another breath...) Tried to keep herself steady. (A temporary imbalance caused by a sensory overload, overwhelming both her inner ear and her gross motor control...)

"Well?" said Trovar. "Could you see it? Did you see how the world ends?"

Explaining all of it would take too much time. She had to make this quick, before it faded away. (The human mind can only comprehend so much at a time, and this vast influx of knowledge was already fading. She would only be able to cling to a very few facts.) "The little hiccoughs are the biggest cliffs," she said. "Impediment leads to anger. Anger leads to destruction."

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