Challenge #02487-F297: It is What You Know

They were fascinated by everything, and were fluent in Spanish and French. Then they got a job as a 'Gopher' on a Film Set and found their calling. Knitnan

[AN: I am not fluent in either of those]

One thing about being a Gopher was that it was very good exercise. Tali quickly memorised the fastest ways to get between Point A - the sets - and any random Point B that the cast and crew needed something from. Then there was the surprise information that Tali had access to.

"It's la petit dejuner, not le. Everything in French has a gender," Tali said.

"Oh. Yeah, I forgot that bit," said the person making corrections on the script. "Silly question, but would you know how much blood could make a one-pound iron ingot?"

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