Smooth mornings!

Hooray, I have life figured out enough that the mornings move like a well-oiled machine. Now, if only I could do the same thing for myself.

Alone, I clog up with fascinating things until a half-hour task takes most of the firkin day. And then I complain about having zero time to fart around and play games.

Sometimes, I am a complete dummins.

But I have learned a few things from some of it. Including a new word that I plan to breathe new life into: Quizzaciously. From this video. And it means 'to speak in a mocking manner'.

So now, instead of writing something like:

"My name's Hwell," mocked Ax'and'l in sotto voice, "I like women and I have the self-preservation skills of a diseased whelk..."

It can now read like:

"My name's Hwell," muttered Ax'and'l quizzaciously, "I like women and I have the self-preservation skills of a diseased whelk..."

And I plan on sneaking it in every chance I get. It's a deliciously chewy word and almost full of buttery goodness.

Of course, it won't be appearing in Beauties and the Beastly since I just learned its existence and I'm not ploughing through 115+K words to look for a good excuse. I have beta-readers for that.

You're welcome. This is what happens when you spend a majority of the next book getting back to me with a 'nothing wrong with all that' review. You know exactly who I'm talking about, friendo.

This weekend, all going well, I will round up Beloved and finally get One Leap Year of Instants (2016) up on Smashwords so that loads of people can download a sample, about fifty can pay $0 for the whole thing, and a rare, treasured few will pay some actual money for. My shopping budget thanks you valued and rare few. And so do I. You are blessed beings. May synchronicity follow all your intentions to a happy conclusion.

It's nearing the very end of February, and I still haven't heard back from the last set of agents I threw Kung Fu Zombies at. I really hope that they're not waiting for the deadline to reject me. That would be especially devastating.

But in expecting failure, am I prepared for success?

I'll probably be hiding in a pillow fort and eating Ben&Jerry's regardless. And using up an entire box of tissues. And -if successful- feeling like a massive impostor because Kung Fu Zombies is a statistical outlier and should not be chosen to represent my greater body of work.

Anxiety is such fun, ze said quizzaciously.