Getting into the swing of it

It's taken us a few weeks, but we're getting there. Even with the recent gastric distress, there's a rhythm to things.

Get up, ablute, take my weight - I'm still below 80 kilos despite bouncing back from the bug. Rouse the kids, get dressed, chase my little darlings into getting ready for the day. Chaos packs a three course meal, Mayhem packs a boiled egg or two. Make sure they're both groomed, and then try and get Beloved going for the day.

It's been harder with the Lurgi, but not impossible.

During all that mess, I take my medicinal liquids and preventative supplements. A regime that's now:

  • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar mix (worst part of my morning)
  • 1 cup of micronutrient mix, during which I take the pills of...
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Capsicum
  • Omega 3
  • And a gendered multivitamin

Then I sit down with my salty broth and a container of water and get on with my writing work.

We're not working out, this week, because Lurgi. When we're back on our fitness regime, I'm sure I can fit all that in.

I'm four weeks away from finishing Beauties and the Beastly, and since my Beta-readers finally got back to me, I might use that window to edit and polish Adapting and then I can start flicking that at potential agents.

Might as well use the same list I already paid for. My writing is still the quirky, weird, YA type stuff that might just make it into the mainstream. More people are reading YA style novels. Time being an issue and whatnot.

The next book, currently in need of a title beyond Rael, might be a little bit more descriptive and in-depth. It might as well be my explaining-the-universe-and-oh-there's-been-a-murder book, since Rael at the time frame of the book is new to being a Galactic Citizen etc. It'd be the perfect introduction to the Amalgam Station universe.

I might have to publish a timeline with my books like Louis McMaster Bujold. If I actually get far enough to have a timeline. Most of what I'll be doing is setting up planets and whatnot. And possibly getting permission from MeMum to fully integrate Meeyahn into my pet universe. Because Meeyahn and my cat-folk belong to the entire family unit and MeMum has definite Views about what it should be like.

Meh. That planet/system/empire can wait.

I have hundreds of them. And a bunch of humans-are-space-orcs/doc-brown scenarios that are building up. And OUATAS lurking in the background. I don't lack for ideas. I lack for time.

And my regime also includes taking half an hour to do something with my new iPad Pro and thereby increase my art skills. So that's a lot of stuff I have and projects on multiple back-burners. I just gotta take my time and work on stuff. One window of opportunity at a time.