Last day of the kiddies' holidays. Last cleaning day with me barking the little darlings around. Also last day of having to remind myself to go out and get some dosh.

Tomorrow, I shall remind myself to post the Patreon rewards EARLY, and make sure everyone knows that I'm also using the Ko-Fi pool for names I may need.

I may or may not run a competition to name ancillary characters as needed. I dunno. Murder Dollhouse is still zero buzz, and therefore near the end of the queue.

I'll see what happens.

This might wind up being one of those things I end up writing before I'm supposed to write it. Just like Clockwork Souls was.

Either way, I'm taking this one as seriously as I can and trying not to fuck it up. Pretty sure my main gal is going to have a significant other, and they're going to be geeks in love, but IDEK how that's going to go.

...I might be slightly obsessed.

But for now? I'm going to schedule my Blasts From the Past, and watch the clock because I need to get that moolah before nine.