Challenge #01926-E102: Science Fiction, Double Feature

Let's hear it for all those cheesy Z grade movie monsters. -- Anon Guest

Shayde had started another side business. The facade declared it to be Armpit Theatre Entertainment. And a placard on one of the windows proudly proclaimed, We show the worst that humanity has to offer! Closer inspection revealed a subtitle to that which read, Yelling at the screen is encouraged if you are funny.

Was this one of her jokes on the rest of civilisation? Or was she making good on her promise of educating civilisation on the difference between 'good' and 'famous'? Either way, it was going to involve a briefing with Sherlock, so he decided to just go up and ask what the flakk she was up to and make a judgement call as to whether it would explode, and how soon.

Shayde had a knack for creating trouble, even when she was ostensibly attempting to avoid it. She noticed his stern face and this-better-not-be-trouble walk and said, "This is an educational initiative, I swear."

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