Almost Back to Work

We have today and tomorrow as slob days. And owing to yesterday's MASSIVE INGESTION of sugar, I have a phlegm flare-up. And swelling in my fingers. And a general sensation of wanting to go back to sleep.

I'm gonna binge as much stored TV as I can because Beloved is salty about that. And when I'm not working on fanfic, I will be working on the nut notes for Murder Dollhouse which I predict will be pretty much writing at light speed because this idea is the shiniest of shinies for my jackdaw brain.

Which has been distracted by AO3 this morning. Huzzah.

As well as the weekend Wordpress, I am going to actively make myself put the Patreon stuff up on Tuesdays, rather than procrastinating all the way to Friday or later.

I am going to make a schedule and do my utmost to stick to it.

Now you sit back and watch the excuses pour out by Wednesday.