Thursday, Day 0, PLN

Plague news: Four new cases - one import, three local. Forty-two total cases, all are in hospital.

I'm streaming in a few, just as soon as I'm done here. Meanwhile, I'm listening in to Game of Tomes on SableAradia. It's a fun thing in prep for NaNo. I think I shall have to count my Instants.

I'll play along. Every little bit helps, I guess.

On my agenda right now - get the bins out before the garbage trucks come.

In the news:

  • Convicted sex offender Bill Cosby allowed to walk free
  • Covid, covid, covid, covid...
  • Picnic plastic now removed from the shelves, pity Coles isn't doing anything about the FISHING NETS that make up most of the Pacific Garbage Patch
  • I'm going to count my Instants for the Game of Tomes :D

Let's get it going.