So we finally edited Adapting, yesterday. And it was a slog. One of my dear Betas did not like the way I introduced all the concepts in the first chapter. I'm halfway compelled to start every single one of the first five Amalgam books in the exact same way.

I mean, sir Pterry started all of his earliest books by yatting on about A'Tuin for about three pages and nobody complained. It's setting the scene. It's a small amount of showing exactly where things take place.

A sort of text version of the slow zoom-in, as it were. Not everyone knows as much about my pet universe as the people who have to beta-read it for me. [And by the way, thanks for spotting an erroneous name of one of the characters in Adapting. That was awesome]

I really need to get back to editing facts into my Wiki. That way, I'll have a single place to look this crap up. If anyone wants to help me edit the damn thing together, go for it. I'll keep an eye out for notifications and authorise anyone who looks genuine.

Mayhem is home crook with a virus. So I have plans to cook up a nice soup with some extra ginger to help cure what ails him. In the meantime, he's sleeping off the infection. After I'm done here, I'll drag him off for some shopping and a doctor's visit. I have plenty of work to do, even without a novel to write.

I have to read through Beauties and edit what I can spot. Then I can pass it out and wait for my Betas to tell me exactly how badly it sucks. I also have a few other stories I'm working on for my own giggles.

No word from A2B just yet. They have until Wednesday before I get alarmed. And I'll send a polite inquiry come the following Monday. Assuming I don't get rejected before then.

I really hope Mayhem's bug is a 24-hour thing. I'll keep fluids into him and otherwise make sure he's looked after.

I also have a parcel to fetch, shopping to get, and dinner to arrange. Which may include side-trips to fanfic town.