Challenge #01524-D063: Invisible Rebellion

They are the people who keep Organisations going, they step in, step up, or just help out how they can. A vast Army of ordinary people, old, young, able bodied or doing what they can when they can. If they are lucky, they get 'petrol money'. -- Knitnan

It was a nondescript interrogation room, but something about it told Lorraine that this particular interview room was underground. The taste of the air. The way the air conditioning sounded. The way the room felt. It all told Lorraine that she was far away from any mortal means of detecting. Any minute now, someone would tell her that she could scream all she liked, and that no-one would hear her.

A man in armani sat backwards in the steel chair opposite her. His large belly lapped either side. He had two burly guards, even here. Even with Lorraine in chains. "Don't even bother trying to call for help," said the very famous man in a very high position of power. "Nobody who can hear you cares." Well. At least he didn't drop the old cliché. "You can scream all you like, it won't do you any good."

Lorraine refused to give him the satisfaction. "This is just the most recent in the long line of your mistakes, sir," she said. "The Legion of the Invisible has protocols for anyone in a leader position going missing."

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