Statistics Sunday, exercise, and other impediments

We're still not exercising regularly. Alas, alack. It's just not going to happen, what with Beloved going to work at Sparrow Fart in the morning. Morning was our best window for working out. And when Beloved comes home, tired from all the nonse they had to do during the day, they're hard pressed to have a conversation.

But we're both making sure we at least walk every day. I remember the old tricks I used when I was suffering under the high-carb version of dieting, and I employ every last one to make sure I get some walking distance in.

Obviously, I forgot to note my stats, yesterday. Again. So I have some fresh ones for today. And my readers who are tracking my health.

From last week:

Weight: 78.8
Fat Weight: 29.1
Waist/Height: 0.541
Blood sugar: 4.8
Blood Ketones: 1.8
Breath Ketones: 11.3

As you can see, things are a little bit more normal, now. Anywhere between 0.5 blood ketones and 5.0 is good, but anything between 1.5 and 3 is ideal. I'm no longer in danger from not eating. Huzzah.

And now that I'm back on dairy, I have motivation to have that fruit smoothie again. I might not need peanuts any more (but criminy, I want them). I'll see how I go. If I start forgetting to have a midday sustenance again, I'll get myself more peanuts.

And speaking of monitoring bad habits, I have tried and failed to get Mayhem to stop listening to stuff as he falls asleep, and thereby runs the risk of throttling himself on the damn headphone cords. To that end, we have given Mayhem some wifi headphones on the strict proviso that his phone doesn't come to bed with him.

This way, Mayhem gets his audio sleepy fix, and his phone stays charged and ready for actual use during the day. And he doesn't end up blue-faced with firkin cables around his silly neck. Everyone is happy.

As for the Overwatch addiction... Mayhem has created his own reminder to stay the fuck off the games until the afternoon. Fingers crossed that it actually works.

Today, all going well, I'll get to finally edit Adapting and have versions of it ready for distribution towards A2B's all over New York. All going really well, I'll get KFZ accepted by my current A2B and then I can throw Adapting at them.

Meanwhile, I'm readying the recipe for my non-patented Critter-Be-Gone hair goo for distribution amongst Chaos' school because head lice is a real problem when you have entire classrooms of huggy kids. I get the feeling that this is going to be the one thing I've written that will get distributed the most. At least, before I get published.

And speaking of publishing... A2B still hasn't sent anything yet. The day of deliverance is this Wednesday! I'm surprised I'm not freaking out about it right now. I guess it must have all got it all out of the way at an earlier date.

Or I could be subliminalising my fears. That's always fun.