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Thursday, Scrombling PLNs

I have worked out that I am going to have to set up each map before my players play it. Huzzah. In the meantime, I can make sure there's counters for all the mobs in advance and do the reading ahead and all that nonsense. Huzzah.

So I am scrombling to make sure I have all the tokens. Which means that I can go on and start drawing the next level so this whole thing can maybe go faster.


I should probably also scromble to sort out my freaking vinyl but I also want to catch up on CritRole. There's an episode I haven't seen yet. And they're four hours long. On average. This one is FIVE freaking hours long.


Also Mum needs us for Crimbolio shopping and prep and WE need to do Crimbolio shopping and prep and there's NO money and... AUGH.

I really need to get the 500-word summary accomplished.

Not that any moves to publish will net me money right now. Dang.

Meanwhile, I do the content thing.

I have a problem

Entries into the writing contest need some splash art.

1200 by 420 pixels.

For each story.

I’m planning on putting in ALL my short stories (except RTFM, that’s in the slush pile at Andromeda Space Flight Magazine) and excerpts from my novels,

That’s a lot of art.

And I have the compositional skills of a dead whelk.

And I’m stony broke. I can’t afford to pay anyone. All I can offer is

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