Challenge #04118-K100: Skills? Share!

Many years later, Wraithvine travels back to where they gifted hair to a person who was desperately poor and had taken to thievery. They found the person had used the funds to feed themselves, get a home, and open a free trades-school so that all those who were like them could learn a solid trade, and get to their feet.

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Knowledge of what is precious is different to knowledge of what is valuable. Understanding this is key to existence. Value is what society assigns to something. Preciousness is assigned, generally, by an individual.

Knowledge is precious, too. Just ask anyone who's been to Lent Skills.

It used to be a manufactory complex, but it was a changed campus. Part boarding house, part trade school, part university. It teaches anything that anyone who comes there can learn. They even teach people to read and write. There's some who go in and just live there. Working on keeping the place clean and running for everyone else.

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