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Interactive Fiction(s)

The idea behind interactive fiction is thus: if you want to add a bit, you can!

It is not a round robin, you do not have to wait your turn.

I would prefer one big suggestion to ten billion tiny ones. Contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life. I may not always have the time to manage what you generate…

I currently have all my fics on “Anyone with a link can comment” for now. If anyone has trouble with this, I’ll attempt to overcome my control issues and sabotage paranoia and work something out.

[And yes, I folded like a wet tissue and signed up for a Google+ account. Add me if you whist. My Google moniker is InterNutter (remember the capital N and beware imitators ;) ) or +InterNutter, I haven’t figured this all out, yet.]

Since reconstructing the Realm is currently dead in the water [long story involving a dead lunchbox, overworked SO, and a portable drive] then Google+ might just be an acceptable substitute. So if my Realmsters all find me, I will add all o’ y'all to my currently-vacant circles.

Anyway. You want to know about the interfics. I have three I’m willing to share and one I’m kinda biting my nails on.

The three I’m sharing are[Title - Universe - Characters - summary]:

Misfits - XME - OC, Toad, ensemble - the ongoing saga of Sara Louise Adrien in her debut fic.

Flotsam - X-Men Movieverse - Toad, OC, ensemble - Sara Louise hits the movie universe. It hits back.

X-Wars - It’s own special self - anybody we like - You just finished reading what there is of it. We need to discuss the next episode before just leaping in with any old thing. Unless you think it’s never too early for the obligatory continuity-ignorant WTF episode…

The fourth is Heaven, Earth and Hell - which does need a kick up the rear to get anywhere near finished, but is still my iddle babbie and precious and I don’t know if I want anyone else’s fingers in the pie.

What say you?