Challenge #04106-K088: The Most Difficult Choice

They abused the being sorely in their first life and left them for dead, but they didn't truly die. Now in this new chance, the being got revenge on them, but did not kill them. Instead, they got to learn what the being went through, and then, got to learn what compassion felt like. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This sounds like a follow-up to a past tale of mine, but this prompt was gifted to me in early December, last year. It's now late March. My memory is seive-like at the best of times. So please. PLEASE give me a link if you're referencing a past story. Thanks in advance]

They say the best revenge is living well. I used to think that that saying was so much horseshit. The best revenge would be to make those who made me suffer, suffer in kind. That would be justice.

I learned differently, but only after I died.

The short of it was... I was kept in deprivation and then abandoned in the middle of nowhere with nothing. Weak, helpless, and injured, I collapsed in a hollow and breathed my last. Or so I thought.

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