Thursday, Today's the Day!

I got the operation date wrong. Beloved is now under anesthesia. I have now finished the 400th chapter of A Devil's Tale [and I think I've written a happy ending but that's up to Beloved].

And I am NOW going to write a nice letter for the first potential agent on my list.

That's just been done.

My heart is hammering.

I have four to six weeks to wait before pitching again, and I'm using the same spreadsheet to track pitching.

As I get books ready to pitch, they will be added to the list. BUT I'm not rewriting anything or finishing any other works until I finally reach the end of A Devil's Tale.

One major WIP at a time.

Given how things are going, I might have A Devil's Tale ready to go by the time Adapting has cycled through all potential agents.

Fingers crossed.

Who knows? I might immediately get accepted and published and immediately Out There(tm).

That would be a miracle, to be honest.

Onwards to the offerings.