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Challenge #03086-H178: What a Deal

If. The codicil to a lot of Life's bargains, often toxic, usually starting in learning years, where you often learn more than what's on the syllabus. -- Nonny the Mouse

Sadi hadn't known what they were getting into when they got into it. What they were used to getting into was Miss Tiven's Crap List. This time, Sadi had accidentally wandered into the Feywilds. It wasn't really Sadi's fault, they were just following instructions as best they could remember... so they thought. And now? Now they were lost.

They tried reciting the instructions again. In a made-up rhyme that should have helped matters, but the words kept getting away from them. Sadi could not remember what they had forgotten. It was so annoying. Then Clever Hanz appeared out of nowhere. "What a marvelous poet you are," she cooed, lounging on a tree branch that should never have held her weight. "What are you doing all the way out here?"

There is another rhyme, it begins, My mother said I never should... but Sadi didn't have a mother to say such things and quickly forgot about it. They really should have remembered it. It could have saved so much trouble. There are things one should never do in fae spaces. Reciting poetry is one of them. Rehearsing plays is another. Engaging a fae in conversation is definitely going to be added to the list. Sadi said, "Well, if I could remember that, I wouldn't be in so much trouble." And, because they had just noticed, they added, "I like your wings. They're very pretty."

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Challenge #02921-G364: One For You...

"don't make deals with a Devil, unless that Devil is me,

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't,

'coz NOTHING is ever truly free, ALL Devils have a fee!"

-- 'Ancient' Terran Aussie Saying -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Ah yes, the ancient Aussie sage of wisdom, Kylie Minogue]

It's difficult to trust a Tiefling at the best of times, and why not? They look exactly like they stepped out of a woodcut from The Temptation of Everyman. It's

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Challenge #01927-E103: Clean-out in Aisle Seventy

The joys of 'Bargain bins' and 'end of Season' clearances. -- Anon Guest

Sale (n): A period of time in which retail emporiums lower the prices of their merchandise to cost or slightly below cost to save on storage fees. -- The Cynical Dictionary.

Wise men said that only fools rushed in. They were the ones who spent their savings on shiny gimcrack that wouldn't even last a weekend. Therefore, when the doors opened on the Big Box Mart Once A Year

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