Challenge #03392-I104: A Quiet Evening in the Castle

It's a rainy, stormy, night, the wind is blowing, the fireplace is crackling, and the rain is drumming on the roof. They relax in the home with a cup of coffee, lean back, pet the furry animal sleeping peacefully at their side, and pick up their book to read. -- Anon Guest

Home is where, Da often said, you get to be yourself. Benevolence Bastion Felbourne Whitekeep (first of the name) had never understood it. According to Mama, Da had used to say that home is where, when one has to go there, they have to take one in. Then again, Da had always been weird. He insisted on things like this.

Sitting comfortably near the fireside. Reading for fun. Reading to each other or just reading for themselves. Mama and Da and his twin brother Kormwind Ten. The babies were asleep in the nursery and the business of the Earldom was done for the day.

Benevolence had been five when he worked out that Da was also this Earl Kormwind Nine that other people kept talking about. Which explained many, many things.

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