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Challenge #03955-J303: Spooky Scary

Get in the Halloween spirit and make a ghost!

That’s called murder and I heard somewhere that it was illegal -- Anon Guest

Human Wren glared over his crafting supplies as he donned the thick industrial gloves. "Okay. A few things. Ghosts aren't really real like that. Most of it's infra-sound and magnetic fields messing with our jellyware." A tap to his head as he brought out the rolls of chicken wire. "Secondly, I am not about to kill anybody in the belief that that was even possible. Third... What the flying flakk, Carl?"

Companion Carl maintained her distance from the mad human with the weird project in progress[1]. The humanoid torso had definitely put her in a cautious state of mind. The fact that it was plastic didn't help. It was still a dismembered body part. "Your species' reputation precedes you, I'm afraid." After a minute, she added, "I'm very afraid."

"Chicken wire ghosts," Wren, having finished cutting a length of mesh, wrapped it around the torso and pressed it into shape. "A hollow shape reminiscent of a human form, but... not actually a ghost." A very human grin. "I'm going to attach this one to one of the roombas in Cargo Hold Four. Part of the Haunted House, this year."

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Challenge #03711-J058: Spirit of the Season

Making sure to follow safety protocols, a human follows the customs of their homeworld and culture, and, at the holiday, begins to deliver treats and thoughtful gifts to all of their shipmates. The other two humans do the same. Then, on the day of holiday, cook a large meal, carefully prepared, for everyone to enjoy together. -- Anon Guest

It was one of the humans' prettier holidays, they had to admit. The Ships' Human, Dzef, had spent most of hir time printing

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Challenge #01839-E015: A Grand Day Off

Shoes off, comfy clothes, and good read. No phones, no Internet connection, a little bit of Heaven, and Room Service thrown in. Best Break Ever! -- Knitnan

Sometimes, you just need to get away. And sometimes, the problem with going anywhere is that the things you want to get away from tend to follow you around. And today, Ana needed to get away from the entire world.

To that end, she had carefully arranged this day. A new book. A collection of

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Falling behind

I haven't scheduled my Blasts From the Past over on my Steemit account for a while. I need to do a whole bunch and then try to keep up with it.

The problem is, I'm feeling tired. Exercise is kicking my butt again, and I think I am just now getting some kind of rhinovirus. I know how to beat those. Chicken soup and lots of ginger.

And possibly taking it easy for a while.

I need me some pick-me-ups and comfort

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