Challenge #03711-J058: Spirit of the Season

Making sure to follow safety protocols, a human follows the customs of their homeworld and culture, and, at the holiday, begins to deliver treats and thoughtful gifts to all of their shipmates. The other two humans do the same. Then, on the day of holiday, cook a large meal, carefully prepared, for everyone to enjoy together. -- Anon Guest

It was one of the humans' prettier holidays, they had to admit. The Ships' Human, Dzef, had spent most of hir time printing colourful, shiny objects and then covering every safe surface with them. Ze had even made the effigy of a tree, which then attracted a seemingly impossible collection of the things.

The crew of the Horological Narwhal learned a lot of new words. Tinsel, bauble, Christmas, and most importantly, present.

The latest concept, Santa, was more than a little baffling.

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