Challenge #03710-J057: Handle With Extreme Care

"Don't do it."

"Do what?"

They look to the two vials in one hand, and two more in another.

"You know what."

"I want to know what'll happen."

Looks at the lack of safety gear.

"I WILL call your parentals!"

"Ok, ok..... I'll put the suit on first, sheesh!" -- Anon Guest

"What even are these?" asked Lab Tech Quinn as ze peered at the vials.

"Ordinary household chemicals," said Student Bop. In his favour, he began to shrink a little in his place.

"Four unlabeled vials of household chemistry. You're either going to invent a potion of Cough Up Blood[1], or adulterate the facility atmosphere with potentially lethal fumes." Quinn stacked each of the -thank the powers- sealed vials into the scanners to run full tests. "You're here to learn, not flakk around. And what you're learning now is what fool nonsense you were at risk of creating."

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