Falling behind

I haven't scheduled my Blasts From the Past over on my Steemit account for a while. I need to do a whole bunch and then try to keep up with it.

The problem is, I'm feeling tired. Exercise is kicking my butt again, and I think I am just now getting some kind of rhinovirus. I know how to beat those. Chicken soup and lots of ginger.

And possibly taking it easy for a while.

I need me some pick-me-ups and comfort foods that also happen to be ketogenic so I don't break ketogenesis and continue on with the diet that's done us so much good over so little time.

I hate catching colds. I really hope I'm not going down again.

I try not to handle the trolley handlebars whenever I go shopping. Shopping trolleys are a major disease vector.

Though today is White Invasion Day Australia Day, the shops are still open, though at limited hours. We're going to finally get some decent darn curtains to block the sunlight that annoys us so very, very much. Morning and afternoon, it gets in and messes with our abilities to do the things we need to.

I think I might need a Recharge Day. Don't know when I'm going to get it.