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Challenge #04179-K161: Rest and Refuge

Wraithvine, hir cat, Gikka, and the little gnome that was a dragon in disguise came upon a hotel that was a hot spring resort. The very kind family offered a free vacation for all of them. Why? Because the family believed that all travelers should find relaxation on their travels, and it made them happy to help people. -- Anon Guest

It wasn't the first hotel and resort associated with volcanic hot springs. It was, however, one of the few that welcomed guests with no money.

"Hospitality is our pleasure," insisted the house matriarch. "Relax and revitalise. You need it."

Bibrid, especially, needed it. He was intensely nervous in most placed offering healing services. Dreading the moment he might be called in, and thereby trapped, by the need for his gifts. Very few people, after all, ask about who might heal the healers.

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