Challenge #03399-I111: Pulled Out a Plum

If saving you is a sin I’ll gladly become a sinner -- Anon Guest

The crying infant had roused him from his bed, and when he saw what was crying, he almost thought it a mercy to smother the newborn beast. As a cleric of the Divine Light, that was close to heresy. Except for what lay on the town's midden.

Skin the colour of a ripe plum, a lashing tail with a spaded tip. The kicking legs had cloven hooves in lieu of feet. It turned every flame in sight a rude shade of red, and made every shadow dance. To allow a Tiefling to live was to allow corruption into the world.

But it was a baby, and its fate was unwritten. Did not the Divine Light teach that all should have a chance to choose?

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