Battle Plan

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Challenge #03156-H247: Panic Quieter

Doesn’t matter in a fight how much you planned, how extensive your process, how minute the details. The moment you get punch in the face, everything goes disarray -- Anon Guest

The heat of battle is no place to be taking notes. He never got out of the student mentality of learning while doing. It was an interesting mental trick, to keep up the fight and evolve strategy at the same time.

Note to self, he thought as he covered his wound with his free hand. Animals have three attacks.

He could only hope that these Dire Weasels didn't also have rabies. That would be something to deal with. Rabies was slow. Claws and teeth were fast. Fuss about the fast. What was your mistake then, Lord Tiefling? Your mistake was reaching for a melee weapon while you are weak enough to perish from one hit. It did not help that this critique was in the voice of Master Bai.

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