Challenge #03132-H223: The Temple of Love

They were a large temple with many followers, Humans, Elven, Dwarves, Faerie, etc.. They carefully watered the blooming cherry trees and tended the gardens, and they were seen always aiding others with food and medical aid. And, oddly enough, the temple was very wealthy. But then again it should not be so odd. For the women of the temple, for all every single one of them was of immense beauty, refused all suitors unless that suitor was a Tiefling. The men of the temple refused all but Tiefling women. For inside the temple was another temple. The temple of Tiefling. The god they worshiped, the master of the temple, the one that taught them all to be loving and kind, was a Tiefling. And the dragon spirit that protected them ensured their coffers were always full, so they could keep helping those whom all others turned their backs on. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm going to dispute you on the heteronormativity here. If your argument is, "We love who we love" (actual title of the prompt BTW) then you'd better be prepared for all forms of love.]

It was a mountain temple like so many mountain temples. Dedicated initially to Sune, it appeared to only pay lip service to that faith in the form of her symbol over a smattering of archways and, for some reason, doorknockers[1]. This temple was one of many sects, with an odd saint at its core. Their symbol was a little bit more prominent.

It was almost Sune. It was Sune in the aspect of a Tiefling, because even the demonic can be loved by the gods, blessed by the gods, and even made their avatar on the mortal plane. Their assigned gender has since been lost to time, and the lorekeepers of the temple grounds insist that it was never an issue. What matters most here, is the loveless can find love. The orphans can find family. The homeless can have a home. Here, the lost can be found.

Here, there is no ugliness. Sune freely gifts an increasing beauty to those who stay. There is no room for hate in Sune's arms. Under the gentle drift of pink petals, any who they touch find their hatred melting away. In one form or another. As you might imagine, it's quite the place to be if you hate your self.

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