Monday, Day 1, Moving Along

Plague news: No new cases! Thirty-nine total active cases, eighteen in hospital, and one in the ICU.

Capt S. has demanded more time with us in return for her not spouting a bunch of TERF talking points in our direction. IDK how to feel about that, but it's another Saturday not spent catching up on missing output or making gains on any other project in progress. OTOH we did kind of spend the entire visit talking with an Aunt about it on the phone so I can see where the extra time is wanted.

...but did she have to roll out the "you're just confused" nonsense?


I have words I want to write in my novel so maybe I'll hit my 500 goal today. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the news:

  • Knomira now Australia's most wanted and won't surrender. FUCK
  • Victoria's outbreak is growing
  • Churchgoers to face charges after disobeying lockdown orders
  • Qld may yet remain shut despite 80% vaccination rate
  • Delta apparently comes back even after you've had it once
  • Quantas offers fantastic prizes to passengers who've been vaxed
  • Sydney Knomiras up in arms about new mask rules
  • Anti-lockdown protest is a super-spreader event. When will they learn?
  • Taking your shoes off in a flying plane could kill you
  • China wants the Taliban's money

Sigh. Well my plans for this weekend are cemented I guess. Today, most of my energy will go on worrying about Beloved during her first day at work while out.