Challenge #04149-K131: Judge Not - or Else!

The new young Watch member gets a sharp lesson in judging others. An apology is to be made first, and then they must learn to observe others, and get to know them, before making judgement calls. It's a rather... interesting piece of disciplinary action. -- Anon Guest

Officer Pembroke was learning, almost against his will. He had already learned that short-haired Elves aren't necessarily criminals. He'd very recently learned that the Halfbred Harukh walking around with sacks in the early-early morning was the town's baker.

He was about to learn some more about his previous assumptions.

The Hellkin woman came alongside a small brace of Adventurers, all bright colours in bardic motley, dancing as she sang. The song was fit for public consumption if one didn't know what innuendo was, and the bright ribbons in her indigo hair or on her tail was distraction enough to make the rest of them suspicious.

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