Challenge #03068-H145: A Case of the Colliwobbles

My tummy hurts. -- Anon Guest

Become nurse to a crown child, they said. It'll be easy, they said. Just leave them to play for a few hours, keep them clean, and make certain they eat. When they reach a certain age, teach them to read. The rest of your time is leisure and comfort, they said. 'They' had not reckoned with the Earldom of Whitekeep and the curse on the crown family line. That curse was embodied in the current heir to the Blood Throne. Trueborn and firstborn son of the Earl and his wife. Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, ninth of his name, the living shame of Whitekeep. A Tiefling, like eight others before him in Whitekeep history. One of the rare and rather embarrassing Demon Lords. Soon to grow to be a terror to the satellite Baronies, and threat to any who opposed the people of the Earldom.

The good news was that he had servants to feed, bathe, and dress him. All she had to do was see to his education and keep him out of sight of the greater public. Easy, they said. They lied. The tiny Viscount had a knack for creeping away. He had been found in the stable, feeding carrots or apples to the horses. He had been found in the Council chambers, listening intently between the polished boots of Barons, their delegates, and the Earl himself. He had caused a ruckus in the Countess Consort's sewing circle by handing one of the ladies the bobbin she had dropped. He had an unnerving habit of vanishing for hours and then turning up with burrs and stains on his person, yet nobody anywhere saw where he went.

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