Sunday, Day 0, Programming Shenanigans

Plague news: One new case, an import. Eleven total, and nine in hospital. Numbers-wise, things are looking good in my sunshine state.

Meanwhile, south of the border, things are utterly pants.

I have half-plans to do more programming today, with an uphill battle versus Vue in the mix. The only true high point of yesterday was futzing around with an in-system feature called "this", which allows you to toss about whatever data is currently in the system. Beloved uttered the phrase, "We need to turn this this into a constant that." At which point I lost my sanity bar.

Programming is loaded with WAT. Take it from me.

In the news:

  • Experts trying to figure out how a deadly new strain got loose in Victoria. Calling it now - incompetence
  • Victorian Premier Dan ready to return to work with a homemade haircut
  • Once again, China fails to subjugate Australia with their economic overlording. Try us, mate. We'll sell anything to anyone with the money to buy it. Just ask Pig Iron Bob
  • Woolies discounting essential staples and trying to big-note itself on this point
  • One fucking idiot tries to storm an airplane cockpit, allegedly attempting to stop the plane. It's not as if they can just slam on the brakes
  • Vax map hilariously puts the northern NZ island way closer to the equator
  • Deer in the streets of Melbourne! Great, another foreign import gone feral

Onwards to my usual nonsense.