Saturday, Day 1, Programming Day

Plague news: ten cases, nine in hospital.

Today has a major amount of noise out of my periphery, what with the bathroom not imploding any more. Hooray! But there's other noise in my periphery, beginning with the Admin User Interface so I can toss new stories into the interwebs stream. Whacko.

And by "Whacko" I mean, "This is going to be terrifying for all kinds of assorted reasons". Fun times ahoy. Very likely for both of us.

In the news:

  • Winter is landing on Victoria and NSW
  • Bonds unleashes a range of "genderless" clothing... it's ugly and designated male by default
  • Muppet claims he's going to reinstated as Pres by August. He is mocked mercilessly
  • Neighbourhood up in arms about where to put their wheelie bins
  • Repugnicans bust out "but her emails" version 2.0 with Fauci's emails delineating a possible lab leak origin of the plague
  • Covid doctor in India beaten to death after a patient dies
  • Croc spotted in the waves at a beach
  • India's variant comes to Australia and it's even MORE infectious than any of the others. Yaaaayyy...
  • Muppet's Facebook ban might end in 2023. It remains to be seen
  • Woman dies homeless whilst also allegedly in possession of $1.1 MILLION in unclaimed money
  • China now arresting people for saying Tiananmen Square happened
  • People are jumping the jab queue
  • Canadian dude whose father slept around has one hundred and fifty siblings
  • Quantas has staff to scare snakes away from planes
  • Mouse baits laid to deal with the mouse plague are killing Aussie wildlife. Dang

Onwards to the fiction.