Challenge #03721-J068: Uncertain Failure Point

A Deregger world decides that literacy is the ultimate in keeping the populace in their place. Those that struggle to learn to read are segregated and given the WORST, most dangerous, the most horrific, jobs in the entire world. The CEO's learn quickly an educated population doesn't like being treated that way. The CEO's learn their own lessons, too late. The CRC, thinks teaching the populace to read was a FANTASTIC idea! -- DaniAndShali

Teach them to read so the CRC stays off your back, said the wisdom of Deregger philosophy. It came with the corollary that the peasants should only have access to approved propaganda. If anything from the offensive Alliance was to come in, it had to be touched up by editors within the polity.

It's amazing how a subtle change of phraseology can alter the way people think.

Nevertheless, knowledge crept in. The facts could remain, with minimal alteration, but what they meant... that could have consequences. Which lead, unsubtly, to literacy segregation. Those who could not read easily could not pass the tests that would get them more prestigious work, and wound up where they were less valued. They may not be easily able to read, but they were not stupid.

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