Acts of Kindness

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Challenge #04042-K024: What's on Offer

As the crowd gathered, one very wealthy - looking one ran forward, grabbed the hellkin swiftly and slapped him on the back of the head. "Dammmit Skip, I told you not to go out without me, you're supposed to carry my medicines!"

A whisper in the ear soon followed of... "follow me, my friend, I'll get you safely out of here, just play along."

Then to the crowd the wealthy one shouted coldly. "Don't worry, you won't see my servant without escort again." -- Anon Guest

The blow didn't even connect. The rich one must have used some minor spellwork to create the sound of the slap. That, more than anything, convinced Esmorzar that this plush person. Might just be on her side. Besides, one against one gave her better odds than one against a mob.

So Esmorzar bowed and scraped and answered to 'Skip' and m'lady'd her saviour. All the way to a surprisingly staid hostel with humble decor and staff who had apparently seen everything. Or were paid not to make a fuss at a dirty Hellkin wandering their halls. The plush lady lead Esmorzar to a plain room that was still miles better than any hole that she had sheltered in.

Her ladyship's first question was not, "Who are you?" nor, "What are you doing in this town?" but, "Have you eaten today?"

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