Challenge #04165-K147: Faerie Goodmother

"This spell will make you human."

I refuse.

"But as a Hellkin you're mistreated."

I don't care.

"I don't understand."

You never did. I am who I am.


Come, meet my TRUE family. -- Anon Guest

Once upon a time, a Hellkin did a Faerie a favour. He had no knowledge of the act, nor expected a reward. He had simply wandered unknowing into Nanogh, helped a living creature in need, and wandered back out again.

The Faekindred do not forget a favour. Especially when its a favour from a creature who was originally made to destroy them.

The Hellkin was allowed to return to his world unscathed, with no time passing between wandering in and wandering out again. That was clearly not enough. That was merely base mercy for a being who accidentally tripped into Nanogh. No, what this young lad needed was... a guardian. A Faerie Goodmother.

Sufficience found out about it when he was taking his foraging prizes towards his home. The dragonfly following him shone with its own light and casually transformed into the shape of a human with dragonfly wings. "Congratulations," they chirped. "I am going to help you."

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