Monday, No Backups and Shenanigans

The backup reads are not happening this week, so I want to go out shopping for essential things. Including my new specs. I'll be getting those first.

But before that, I have to finish my stretchies and torment my falling arches. And feed the cats in the process. The most important thing I do every day. Just ask the cats.

I remember thinking once that I had some economic freedom at long last. That I could just go and get whatever I needed whenever I needed it. Then life got expensive and time got constrained, and now I'm back to budgetting time and money and holding off on things because other stuff explodey.

Plus la change, I guess.

I got shit to unriddle, things to learn, stuff to buy... and my offerings to make. I honestly don't know if I'll have the time to stream, today.

If I return from my journeys with plenty of time before stream o'clock, I'll stream. If not... then there will still be a story to enjoy. It's win-adjacent.