Challenge #04123-K105: Fel Fiancee

The letter was written as Wraithvine suggested, the princess visiting the new young, very nervous, king. It's good to make friends one's own age to talk to. -- Fighting Fit

King Kosh was apparently a tight-fisted monarch. Not spending very much on appearances, pomp, nor circumstance. The Princess Optimism Caibanise Ayoka Whitekeep arrived on horseback, in travelling leathers, and had an Elven 'grass' blade at her hip for defence. Her staff were similarly equipped.

Only her papers and her heraldric ring verified her identity. She carried herself with the confidence of someone who knew how to hold her own in a fight. A fact soon proven true by the first of many would-be assassins sent after Ozarkas.

Her father was a Master of the Art of Shadows, and had taught all his children very well.

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