Challenge #04054-K036: Ordinarily Fighting Words

"Hey you old Teuf!"

"Hey yourself, naked ape!"

The two, human and hellkin eyed each other a moment before giving each other big hugs with warm, cheerful smiles. -- Anon Guest

Some words can kill. In the remote and isolated valleys of Nohmyraa, the residents call any Hellkin 'teuf' shortly before a noose is tightened around their neck or, in the case of those hours old, a pillow is pressed to their face.

The polite say, "Harukh," or, "D'varuv." Those less inclined to be nice say "Orc," or, "Dwarf."

So, when a tall, bald Human walked entered the Butting Goat Tavern, all seemed well enough. Until he approached a Hellkin already drinking there and said, "Hey, you old Teuf."

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