Saturday, Parkrun and PLNs Disrupted

I was supposed to take Beloved home with me, today. Alas, her meds have "stepped up" and she was literally throwing up on the ride to Adorable's place. So I could not do that.

I allegedly get her to share my air tomorrow. Which, in turn, has cancelled my D&D game tomorrow morning. All so I can be conscious in time for her to come to me.

Last time we made that arrangement, the plans fell through.

The good news about this stuff is that she will soon reach an equilibrium with these meds, and shenanigans like this will effectively stop.

Patience is my copilot in this case.

The slow crawl towards the new normal is kind of excruciating. Also we have to establish a different air share arrangement so that there's equal quality time for Adorable and I.

One day, we shall have an established normal.

One day, we shall have a mutual comfort.

Until then, we figure out what works best for now.

And now I work on my offerings.