Challenge #04066-K048: The Illogical Solution

CEO -- "Why do you not have any guns??"

"We don't need them."

CEO -- "How do you stop criminals??"

"We have special firearms that shoot out discs that latch onto the body and cause > the person to faint, safely, no matter the species. This way no one gets hurt and we can capture the prisoner unharmed."

CEO aghast "That's so... SOFT! They'll re-offend!"

"Not often, not once we're done with them." -- Anon Guest

CEO's touring Alliance facilities always have culture clash issues when witnessing what the Alliance really does in society. CEO Boudewijn boggled at his security escort, who was small, and slight, and of dubious gender.

His first question was a highly predictable, "What are you?"

"A human bean," said Security Officer Gray. "I'm one of them Theys." They smirked at their own joke. "Any rude questions about my private body parts?"

"Ah. No." Boudewijn had the decency to blush. "It's just... You're tiny, you have no armour, and you don't have a gun."

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